Pouches galore!!

We loves pouches!!

Japanese Boro Bag

military bagThese utility pouches are so versatile, you really can’t have just one! Trust us, you will find so many uses for these. They’re perfect for running out on errands to hold your wallet, phone, keys and more! Many of these are large enough to carry a tablet as well. They each come with a removable leather wrist strap to easily grab and go! 

Antique Indigo bag

Every one of these are made from antique textiles that date as far back as the 1800’s such as Japanese Boro, West African Indigo cloth, Hmong, grain sacks and of course our ever popular military canvas from WWII military bags.  These have so much character and every single one is different! They are fully lined and all feature YKK metal zippers.

Japanese Boro Bag

hmong bag

Other uses? Small travel bags, make up bags, pen/pencils bag, toiletry bag …. anything bag!

hmong bag

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April 9th, 2016|

Bohemian dream catchers


NEW TO THE SHOP!! And we are SO excited to share these! Our dream catchers have a rustic, Bohemian flair and are made from recycled materials such as sari silk (100% pure silk ribbon) from India, Himalayan silk yarn (also from India), beach driftwood (from Maine), vintage doilies (from Grandma’s attic) and so, so much more. Every one of these is completely unique and you’ll never know what you might find in yours. We accent them with feathers, beads, stones, and vintage findings. 

dream catchers

Dream catchers are quite magical in their own right as they are believed to keep bad dreams away and provide protection while you and your loved ones are sleeping. A fascinating Native American tradition, the good dreams would slip through the holes and slide down the dream catcher to the sleeping person while the bad dreams would get caught in the web and banish when the first rays of the sun landed upon them.

Dream catchers

Every one of our dream catchers are loaded with layers and layers of silk ribbon. These add great color and texture and are guaranteed to draw attention. Perfect as gifts (wouldn’t you LOVE one of these as a gift?!) and really great for adding a little rustic bohemian to your decor (we have one in almost every room!). We’ve also heard they are great in a child’s room, to keep those nightmares away!!

Bohemian Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers

Dream catchers

Vintage Dreamcatcher

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March 25th, 2016|

New!! Recycled metal charm bracelets

Recycled metal charm bracelets

We finally found a way to use up all the scraps of metal we have accumulated from our many other projects. These charms are cut from a wide selection of recycled metal, composing of vintage and salvaged metal such as old copper or brass plates, platters and serving trays, coasters, antique tin tiles, copper flashing, and so much more. We then hand stamp each one to create truly unique bracelets with that worn in personality. These charms all have natural patina and small imperfections as they come from old, used materials but each one goes through an intense de-burring, sanding, and polishing process so they come to you perfectly rounded, smooth, and polished. The bangles are made from 100% raw metals and come in yellow brass, red brass, copper and stainless steel. They come in 6 sizes so you will receive a perfect fitting bangle! Priced at just $25 each, they also ship anywhere in the US for FREE!

metal charm bracelets

February 6th, 2016|

Our Kantha quilt obsession

Milford Oyster festival 2015

I am obsessed with textiles. Antique textiles in particular. And these Kantha quilts are my latest obsession. Their versatility makes them easy to incorporate into any decor style or theme and their rich colors and texture make them a must have in my opinion. They effortlessly add just the right pop of color, especially in more neutral decor. We personally have these all over in hour home, draped over couches and arm chairs, folded up on shelves and at the end of our beds. But to really appreciate these, is to know their history.

Kantha quilts, a centuries old tradition, are made from a type of embroidery, handmade and painstakingly hand stitched in areas of Eastern South Asia from layers of recycled sari cotton. These are highly coveted for their beauty, intricate designs and wonderful colors and textures. Each one is completely unique from the next, with endless combinations of patterns and colors. They are often thought to bring luck and protection.

Vintage Kantha quilts Vintage Kantha Quilts Vintage Kantha quilts

If you look closely, you can see the thousands of stitches in each quilt and truly appreciate the amount of work that goes into each one of these. AND each side has a different pattern, so it’s like a TWO for one deal! Another plus? These quilts are 100% Organic & Eco-friendly.

Vintage Kantha quilts Vintage Kantha quilts Vintage Kantha quilts

The first Kantha quilt I ever bought I over paid for by quite a bit. But I had never never heard of them and didn’t know anything about them. I did know that they were beautiful and I was very much captivated by the wonderful colors and patterns. I’m also a bit of a Bohemian girl when it comes to style so these really got my attention. After I got it home, I did some research about these quilts and suddenly I was hooked. Since then, I have fallen head over heels in love with these beauties that now we source them (direct from India!) so that we can share them with everyone!

Now, don’t you want one?!

Vintage Kantha quilts

Kantha quilt

Vintage Kantha quilts

Kantha quilt

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August 5th, 2015|

Repurposed military bags

The bag that started it all!!

Military bag made from reclaimed military canvas.

I once saw a bag for sale online that had been repurposed from old military textiles and immediately fell in love. It was so authentic, loaded with character and had such a historical significance that just really drew me to it. I wanted that bag, in a bad way, but it was really expensive!! Over the next couple weeks I kept going back to admire the bag but I knew I would never have it. That was when I told myself that I would learn to make one.

tnbc designs military tote bag

I’ve always had a sewing machine and … I’ve always sewed. But I had never sewn a bag so naturally I thought it would be easier than it was. I spent endless hours online reading tutorials and watching DIY videos and weeks later, I pulled out some scrap textiles and made my first bag. It was not very pretty. So I made another. And another. Over the next several weeks, I made more. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I made more. I wasn’t very satisfied with any of them, never mind that it took me a ridiculous amount of time to make just one. I wish I had taken pictures of some of those beginner bags but if you can imagine a very basic tote with no frills, no liner, no pockets, no zippers, some never even got straps! I just kept going through the motions., undoing what I did, and then doing it again. Boy was I determined!

vintage military bag

Well, I did eventually make my first military bag. And I loved it. I loved it so much, that I opened up an Etsy shop and listed it for sale. I didn’t list it for very much as I didn’t feel that I was a professional bag maker in any way, but it was a nice bag and I thought that someone out there would love it and be able to appreciate the time and thought that I had put into it. While I was making another one, it sold! And so it began. My shop at the time was called Rebagged designs and I was only making bags. We had another shop called Apothecary Art where we were making apothecary cabinets. Eventually we combined the two to create Tnbc designs.

military duffel bag

So that is how it all started. And the best part? Hundreds and hundreds of bags later …. and I still have yet to make one for myself!!

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Military pouch

US Military bag

February 5th, 2015|

Copper cuffs featured on Handmade Men

Copper cuff

Men's copper cuff bracelet made from recycled copper

Men's Copper cuff

Our rustic copper cuffs have been featured on Handmade Men! Handmade Men is a website dedicated to handmade and one of a kind pieces made just for men. It is the #1 ranked premier website for all things handmade for men. These cuffs are made from 100% recycled copper pipes. They are hand cut and hand forged for some very rustic, industrial character, perfect for that one of a kind, masculine guy in your life. They measure 1.5″ wide and are quite thick and heavy. They each have their own natural patina, so each one is slightly different. We also can make these in a 1″ wide cuff, popular for women as well as with different patinas, including the colored ones below.

Copper cuff bracelet

Copper cuff bracelet

Copper cuff bracelet

These are made to order for a perfect fit, and as with everything, they ship free! Lead time is approximately 2-3 days.

Women's recycled copper cuff bracelets

Women's recycled copper cuff bracelets

Women's recycled copper cuff bracelets
November 6th, 2014|