We’re going to the Country Living Fair!!

Country Living Fair

It’s official!! We will have a booth at this year’s Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. The fair runs from June 3-5th. We are so excited to be doing this show, it’s only one of the MOST awesome fairs in the nation!! The Country Living Fair is presented by Country Living Magazine and they only have 4 shows a year (Nashville, Atlanta, Columbus, and Rhinebeck).  This show is literally like Country Living Magazine in real life. As stated on their website,

“Great shopping for antiques, furniture, “Made in America” crafts, art and artisans, vintage and upcycled goods, home and garden decor, plants, and more.”

Ahh, this couldn’t be a more perfect fit! We only do one show a year, so we try to pick them carefully and we’ve had our thoughts on this one ever since it came to Rhinebeck 3 years ago but we just didn’t think we could come up with enough inventory to do a larger show. Well now we have no choice! Actually, we owe it to a lot of our fans from previous shows, and friends that have been encouraging us to do this show because it really is a perfect fit for us :) The only downside is whether we’ll have time to do some shopping while were there?!

Reasons why we think you should go to the Country Living Fair (besides to come by and make us feel famous):

The SHOPPING (OK, that was obvious)

The workshops, too many to mention!


The inspiration (trust us, you will be inspired)

The ideas (again, you will be inspired)

The Beekman Boys (Yes, they will be there!)

THE FUN!! <– that’s the most important one

In case we haven’t convinced you yet, here are Country Living’s top 9 reasons to visit the Country Living fair.

February 27th, 2016|

Brimfield Antique Show

Brimfield antique show


We love Brimfield. We have thought about packing our things and moving to Brimfield. Yes, it’s that good.

The Brimfield Antique show is supposedly the largest antique show in the world. I read this somewhere on the internet so it must be true. Regardless, it’s the most amazing place on earth for antique junkies like us. It’s a bit overwhelming for first timers, or second timers for that matter. This place is HUGE and though we know our way around like nobody’s business, it still takes us a whole 4 days until we are satisfied that we haven’t missed anything. We purchase about 70% of our materials here, you can literally find anything you are looking for and a whole lot more that you didn’t even know you wanted. Words really can’t even describe some of the things that can be found, from the most bizarre to just plain cool and from I have to have that to why in the world …?! One of my favorite things is how many times you will here the phrase what is that?! never mind how many times you will say it yourself! The chairs in the photo above were made from the ends of old airport luggage carts, how cool is that?! 

Brimfield antique show
The above cart came out of an old industrial warehouse. Again, SO cool! I mean, who has that in their living room?! This inspired us enough to want to make one. I don’t think I could do that good of an upholstery job though. Making bags and upholstery are two very different things (I know cause I’ve tried). 

Brimfield antique show

We couldn’t really justify buying an antique carriage, especially without the horse but at the same time, couldn’t help thinking that would be cool to have. Funny how these shows make our minds short circuit somehow and we become completely illogical. I mean, what in the world what I actually do with that?! We are always trying to find ways to incorporate things into our decor and, though we don’t have the right house for this, I think in the right house (ok, mansion), it would look super cool!

Brimfield antique show

Ok, here is one of those what is that?! that I referred to earlier. We still haven’t figured out what this is, or was. It’s like a huge magnifying glass. I’m pretty sure the mirror was put in (makes quite a bedroom mirror!) but what it was originally used for is beyond me. This was in what they call the “industrial field” where a lot of the things you’ll find here came out of old industrial buildings and warehouses. We LOVE all things industrial but again, I’m not sure I could blend this into our existing decor.

Antique ice cream bucket

We own that! That there is an antique ice cream bucket. Pretty neat, I mean, THIS is how they used to make ice cream!! I really couldn’t resist all that old rustic patina.It’s sitting in our living room with extra throw blankets and pillows in it

Brimfield antique showBrimfield antique show

Brimfield antique show



I’m not going to comment on the above pictures but there is definitely a theme going on here.

Brimfield antique show

Again, no words!

Below are some pictures displaying another reason Brimfield is so awesome. People there really have a great sense of humor!!

Brimfield antique show IMG_0170









Til next time, happy antiquing!!

Brimfield antique show Brimfield antique show

September 2nd, 2015|

2015 Milford Oyster festival

The Milford Oyster festival 2015

This was our second year doing the Milford Oyster festival in Milford, CT, this festival is SUCH A BLAST! The Annual Milford Oyster Festival committee really does an amazing job and they have been voted the 5th best Oyster festival nationwide. The Arts & Crafts show features over 200 artists and artisans and is also considered one of Connecticut’s largest Arts & Crafts Shows! Admission is FREE and they have so much free entertainment (last year they had Bret Michaels!!) including the Gin Blossoms this year. The arts and crafts show is set up on the beautiful green plus there is a car show, a children’s stage, events in the harbor, and more. It’s only a one day event, but brings in over 50,000 people. We met so many great people, thanks to everyone that came out to see us! Here are some of our  pictures from this year’s show.

Milford Oyster festival 2015
The window mirrors (above) were pretty popular. We only brought 4 with us and they all sold. We purchase our windows and doors from an architectural salvage warehouse and many of them are quite old so they tend to have a ton of character. The mirror we use is 100% recycled, from old bathroom vanities and such, usually about 1/4″ thick so these are quite heavy!
Milford Oyster festival 2015

Kantha quilts (pictured above), a centuries old tradition, are handmade and painstakingly hand stitched in Eastern India from layers of 100% recycled sari cotton. These are highly coveted for their beauty, intricate designs and wonderful colors and textures. Each one is completely unique from the next, with endless combinations of patterns and colors. They are often thought to bring luck and protection. These are wonderful on the end of a bed or draped over a couch or chair and were our best seller this year!

Milford Oyster festival 2015

This year we featured many of our re-purposed bags as well as some pillows, Kantha quilts, jewelry and some home decor wood work including mirrors made from very old farmhouse windows and doors. The grain sack pillows (below) were a big hit as well as the military bags.

Mlford Oyster festival arts and crafts booth


Tnbc designs at the Mlford Oyster festival

Mlford Oyster festival
Until next time, thanks again to everyone that came out, we had a great time and hope that you all did too!

June 1st, 2015|