Recycled metal charm bracelets

We finally found a way to use up all the scraps of metal we have accumulated from our many other projects. These charms are cut from a wide selection of recycled metal, composing of vintage and salvaged metal such as old copper or brass plates, platters and serving trays, coasters, antique tin tiles, copper flashing, and so much more. We then hand stamp each one to create truly unique bracelets with that worn in personality. These charms all have natural patina and small imperfections as they come from old, used materials but each one goes through an intense de-burring, sanding, and polishing process so they come to you perfectly rounded, smooth, and polished. The bangles are made from 100% raw metals and come in yellow brass, red brass, copper and stainless steel. They come in 6 sizes so you will receive a perfect fitting bangle! Priced at just $25 each, they also ship anywhere in the US for FREE!

metal charm bracelets