Country Living Fair

It’s official!! We will have a booth at this year’s Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. The fair runs from June 3-5th. We are so excited to be doing this show, it’s only one of the MOST awesome fairs in the nation!! The Country Living Fair is presented by Country Living Magazine and they only have 4 shows a year (Nashville, Atlanta, Columbus, and Rhinebeck).  This show is literally like Country Living Magazine in real life. As stated on their website,

“Great shopping for antiques, furniture, “Made in America” crafts, art and artisans, vintage and upcycled goods, home and garden decor, plants, and more.”

Ahh, this couldn’t be a more perfect fit! We only do one show a year, so we try to pick them carefully and we’ve had our thoughts on this one ever since it came to Rhinebeck 3 years ago but we just didn’t think we could come up with enough inventory to do a larger show. Well now we have no choice! Actually, we owe it to a lot of our fans from previous shows, and friends that have been encouraging us to do this show because it really is a perfect fit for us :) The only downside is whether we’ll have time to do some shopping while were there?!

Reasons why we think you should go to the Country Living Fair (besides to come by and make us feel famous):

The SHOPPING (OK, that was obvious)

The workshops, too many to mention!


The inspiration (trust us, you will be inspired)

The ideas (again, you will be inspired)

The Beekman Boys (Yes, they will be there!)

THE FUN!! <– that’s the most important one

In case we haven’t convinced you yet, here are Country Living’s top 9 reasons to visit the Country Living fair.