NEW TO THE SHOP!! And we are SO excited to share these! Our dream catchers have a rustic, Bohemian flair and are made from recycled materials such as sari silk (100% pure silk ribbon) from India, Himalayan silk yarn (also from India), beach driftwood (from Maine), vintage doilies (from Grandma’s attic) and so, so much more. Every one of these is completely unique and you’ll never know what you might find in yours. We accent them with feathers, beads, stones, and vintage findings. 

dream catchers

Dream catchers are quite magical in their own right as they are believed to keep bad dreams away and provide protection while you and your loved ones are sleeping. A fascinating Native American tradition, the good dreams would slip through the holes and slide down the dream catcher to the sleeping person while the bad dreams would get caught in the web and banish when the first rays of the sun landed upon them.

Dream catchers

Every one of our dream catchers are loaded with layers and layers of silk ribbon. These add great color and texture and are guaranteed to draw attention. Perfect as gifts (wouldn’t you LOVE one of these as a gift?!) and really great for adding a little rustic bohemian to your decor (we have one in almost every room!). We’ve also heard they are great in a child’s room, to keep those nightmares away!!

Bohemian Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers

Dream catchers

Vintage Dreamcatcher

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