Tnbc designs Our farmhouse

Crazy right?! When we first saw the paperwork on this house, we thought is was a typo. Maybe it was supposed to say 1870? But no. It was built in 1770.

The picture above is not much like the original house as many additions were put on throughout the years with the last addition being the left third of the house. But the original free standing fireplace sill stands and we use it all the time! It’s a double sided fireplace with one side being a brick oven, which we believe was added on. The mantle is also the original, hand hewn mantle. I love many things about this old house, but the fireplace I love the most.

old brick fireplace

The room that the fireplace faces is the original house, We think that was the entire house because in the basement, you can see the different sections that were added on and where the original foundation is. Underneath the beams are the original house beams that were covered shortly before we bought the house. One of these days we will take a peek to see what’s underneath. Here is the other side of the fireplace, a very cool brick oven. It’s probably hard to tell, but this fireplace is massive, measuring 70″ from front to back.

Old farmhouse brick oven

 We tried making a brick oven pizza once but there must be an art to using one of these. The only thing I’ve successfully made in it was a grilled cheese.  We actually use it as a mini fireplace instead. :) As you can see, the house had been completely renovated shortly before we bought it and it’s more like a modern day farmhouse, so we’ve tried to bring back some of the old farmhouse charm with antique furniture and decor.

general store counter

The above picture is an original 1873 general store counter taken out of a general store in Highland Mills, NY. The house originally had a granite top kitchen island which was a bit too modern for this old house. The other side of the cabinet has 8 very large drawers, almost like maybe they were grain bins. Though we love the kitchen, it will be receiving a make over at some point. At the very least, the cabinets will get painted and maybe, hopefully, we can get a real farmhouse sink in. I know, the stainless steel is also a bit too modern but … maybe we’ll go for the urban farmhouse look?

farmhouse living room

We got that mirror at the Brimfield Antique show (read about why we love Brimfield here). It came out of an old industrial building and measures over 5′ x 5’!  

Porch post poster bed

This 4 poster bed was one of our coolest projects. We made it from 4 old farmhouse (no, not ours) porch posts. We had made another bed frame with a fireplace mantel headboard at the same time, but this one was the keeper!

Factory cart coffee table

What farmhouse would be complete without an old factory cart coffee table?! Another great find from Brimfield (I swear, they are not paying us). Gosh, we even got those little stools from Brimfield!

farmhouse cabinet

OK, we did not get this at Brimfield! This is an 1800’s cabinet and it’s huge. We almost couldn’t get it home in our 6’x10′ trailer! This piece has a crazy amount of storage inside and the coolest part … there is a secret panel compartment in it! I suppose back in the day, that’s where people would hide their cash? 

stepback cupboard

This is another 1800’s piece. We searched forever for a real step back cupboard and we finally go it!! I’m not sure why everything made during this time period was so massive? This one had all original hardware and again, SO much storage!

antique doors

This is an on-going project. We are slowly swapping out all our interior doors with old, antique, patina’d goodness. We get these doors from an architectural salvage warehouse in Albany, NY.  A word of caution about switching out doors for old ones … it’s not as easy as one might think! It’s a good thing we like imperfection :)

Stay tuned for more farmhouse goodness!!